So you ask, just what is this Kulak’s… Woodshed?

Well, lemme tell ya’ll a story.
I had a crazy dream one night…

“Kulak’s… Music… So n’ So”… hmmm….? Nah, I figured. Go back to sleep, you’ll forget about it by lunch time. But I couldn’t shake it. (That was 1997) I kept thinking… what if I opened a live performance video webcast kinda place for singer songwriters and musicians looking to get their stuff out into the world… kinda…. thing?

Photo of exterior of Kulak's Woodshed on Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood California at night with front window and overhead sign lit up brightly

So in 1999 I found a space to rent. A retail store front fixer-upper on Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood, California. I thought I’d only be open once or twice a week but to my surprise we became very popular with artists from beginners to Grammy winners and before long I was open most nights. But it was too much for me to handle and I was nearly forced to close in because I could not afford to continue paying the rent and operating bills. Amazingly some of the artists stepped up and started passing a donation bucket and volunteers came forward to help me with operations.

Photo of interior of Kulak's Woodshed view from front door of mixing board, stage area with piano and drum kit and decorations

The problem that still dogs me is it’s very hard for the Woodshed to get an audience to come here unless the artists heavily promote to their fan base. Perhaps because we serve no food or alcohol, I’m not sure but as long as the artists want the Woodshed to remain open I’ll keep doing it but y’all need to bring in the audience.

There are many ways we continue to try to generate enough income to sustain the Woodshed as a business. My original dream when I was building the Woodshed was to use all eventual profits (yes, I actually believed and still do that that can eventually happen) and recycle them back into a kind of “Kulak’s Woodshed Artist’s Fund” to benefit the L.A. area’s singer songwriter musicians.

It’s my hope to attract people who want to celebrate the essence of what music is really all about. A community of singer songwriters and music lovers who want to be around each other. This includes people who might strive for success in the music business, but also love the art, and appreciate its incredible history.

Photo of chalkboard on which is written: Kulak's Woodshed is a labor of love - with the help of volunteers and donation $ we will stay open - thanks - P KIt’s amazing we’re still here going on 16 years. My thanks to the wonderful volunteers and the precious few monthly sustaining  members who dig a little deeper because they believe the Woodshed is worth keeping. If only we had a lot more, we could leave our days of desperation behind. I’ve held on by my fingernails this long and I’m prepared to do the same but I’d rather not. I hate begging people for money to pay the Woodshed bills but it’s better than the alternative. I know a lot of other organizations do it but if we could book more artists to record and do shows here and sign up a bunch of new monthly sustaining members we wouldn’t have to beg any more. Still, I am hopeful and hard at work, because I will never give up. The Woodshed will survive.

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Paul Kulak