Twofer Nites Rock the WORLD!

Jimi Yamagishi

January 15, 2015

A recent Twofer Tuesday nite had visiting artists from Sweden & New Mexico, and other Twofers have also had artists from Greece, the UK , Poland and more!

photo of Bill Dumas and friend playing guitar and singing at Kulak's Woodshed 2015 - photo by Alex FloodOne of the great things about our lil’ video  studio is that we stream almost every show online, AND an interactive link so viewers can email artists onstage & it becomes part of the show! An artist from Japan that played the “Shed a while back emailed in during a show that she really misses the warmth & fun she had when she performed here, and it’s one of her favorite places to play! Another artist had viewers in Germany & Hawaii that commented later on her site.

And, fans get to help support their favorite artists when they watch as well, by using the virtual tipjar feature with their online accounts. Some artists have generated more online than at the door!

The world is getting both smaller and larger at the same time. More opportunities for artists to share are happening, without the expense of traveling all over for gigs that don’t even cover the gas to get there.

It’s the forward thinking artists that are using technology to bring real connections that are making the new music industry what is its becoming.

Seeya online!



Hawaiian Luau at the ‘Shed!

Jimi Yamagishi

November 3, 2014

November 14th Hawaiian Luau with Anjj Lee & friends!

poster art for Hawaiian Luau at Kulak's Woodshe with Anjj LeeAloha! You’re all invited to a LUAU with Hawaiian food, & great music from renowned Hawaiian pop artist Anjj Lee.

Winner of a Hawaii Music Award for single of the year, Anjj is fresh off a tour of Germany & will be releasing her new CD here @ the ‘Shed, because she wants her fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD to share the experience online!

Sharing the evening with her is Jason Rathyen, Sayed Sabrina, who’s opened for BB King & the Pointer Sisters, & Gigi Worth, who’s toured with the Chris Cross band. Raffle prizes, a silent auction for a accommodations in Antigua, & Panama (more details to come!), Hawaiian cuisine & more, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the KLC Foundation in Hawaii working with underprivileged kids. Event is sponsored by Sunlit Guitars and SongNet.

$20.00 presale tickets available thru
$35.00 at the door IF any are available!

This is gonna be one BIG party ya!



Photo of Anjj Lee posing with her guitar

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, photographer, and graphic artist Anjj Lee

Photo of Anjj Lee seated with her guitar

Anjj Lee is winner of the Hawaii Music Awards 2009 Single Of The Year for her song, “Kaden Boy “


Halloween Party 2014 – Whatta Night!

Jimi Yamagishi

photo of electric pumpkin on baby grand piano at kulak's woodshed halloween October 31, 2014 Kulak's WoodshedKulak’s Woodshed was the scene of some scary good fun on October 31st as it hosted “Halloween at the ‘Shed.” A respectable number of folks braved Friday rush hour(s) traffic and forecast rain to prove that making music and telling Halloween-themed jokes for deserving causes can be a monster mash of of performers at kulak's woodshed halloween October 31, 2014 Kulak's Woodshed

The event was a combination fundraiser-open mic-party.  The fundraiser portion, besides helping Kulak’s itself remain afloat, was aimed at supporting  MusiCares® , an organization that helps musicians in many ways, most importantly by providing medical insurance.  For the open-mic portion of the evening, musicians could sing a song on the live webcast and have a broadcast TV studio-quality video that they could purchase.

Photo of Kathy Sanders playing guitar and singing at Songnet

Kathy Sanders

The grand raffle prize of the night, a beautiful guitar worth several hundred dollars, was won by musician Kathy Sanders, who is very active on the local LA singer-songwriter circuit. Two other musicians, Linda and Dharmika, each won comp Twofer videos, to be recorded at any upcoming Twofer Tuesday event at the ‘shed.

Pizzas were generously provided by Bravo Pizza and Chicken of North Hollywood (10544 Magnolia Blvd).  Other great food and extras was donated by Gabrielle Owens (house band musician), volunteers Kimberly Price and Ron Sarfaty, among others.

Kulak’s Woodshed is planning other themed party-style events so watch this space – and come to this place. Kulak’s needs your support!


photo of party goers in costume at kulak's woodshed halloween October 31, 2014 Kulak's Woodshed

All dressed up for Halloween at Kulak’s


The Best Kept Secret in the Valley

Paul Kulak

October 15, 2014


Kulak’s Woodshed – The Best Kept Secret in the Valley

Written by  Tammy Johnston

Recently voted the Best Open Mic in the Los Angeles area.

photo of audience watching performance at Kulak's WoodshedOne little store front on Laurel Canyon Boulevard is home to one little funky music spot. Kulak’s Woodshed is a professional recording studio/listening room and one of the Valley’s best kept secrets. Its eclectic setting has a vibe that is all its own and is a great place to hear both up-and-coming artists as well as the music of seasoned professionals.

Want to play and be heard? Then just take a look around and you’ll find everything from guitars to stand up basses and a plethora of percussion instruments, including a full size drum kit. The dark green painted walls are a treasure trove for vintage items such as record albums, collectors’ books, toys and other bric-a-brac of a bygone era. It’s also impossible to miss the baby grand piano standing proudly in the middle of the room.

My eyes danced around the room and landed on the coolest thing in the world – A high definition camera mounted on the ceiling via an upside down skateboard! The skateboard’s wheels are set on an aluminum track and when the control is triggered, the board and camera roll down the track capturing an amazing view of the room.

I took the time to have a chat with the General Manager of the Woodshed, Jeremy Goldsmith, who originally hails from London, UK. About six months ago Jeremy encountered Kulak’s Woodshed while exploring open mics throughout Los Angeles.

“I’m pleased to be a part of a very warm community of people who love music and encourage creativity in others. I’m somewhat of a rare breed; a musician who’s good with paperwork!”


Paul Kulak was looking for volunteers so Jeremy offered to help. Changes are underway as Jeremy revamps the website and live webcast. Kulak’s Woodshed is looking at ways to increase revenue to help fund continuing improvements. The Woodshed is staffed entirely by volunteers. There are ongoing volunteer positions available for fundraising and marketing. Kulak’s Woodshed volunteers also enjoy the exciting opportunity to practice and learn all of the skills required to run a television and recording studio!

The Woodshed, which is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council (itself a nonprofit organization) is a 49-seat, professional recording studio/listening room with 5 HD TV Cameras that broadcast all their events live on the internet. Check out their upcoming events on their Calendar or contact them to book your own studio recording time. Just visit for more information or contact Jeremy at He’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This article originally published in


The ‘Shed’s New Concert Window

Paul Kulak

October 7, 2014

title heading from - Kulak's WoodshedHi Everyone,

As some of you know, the ‘Shed is experimenting with the streaming services of Concert Window (.com) for its world-wide Webcast.

On a recent Friday night, a couple dozen of you watched Severin Brown’s show and he made made some money from people paying for the stream, and “tipping the performer”. There is a lot of potential with this exciting new way of live webcasting, so spread the word.

You can do this yourself at home or another location, but of course booking a show at The ‘Shed, with our great HD cameras, lighting & sound will give you a far more professional presence.

And of course, it’s another service we offer to save you the hassle of logging in & setting it all up.

Booking a streaming show @ Kulaks Woodshed also connects you with fans of the ‘Shed, because many music lovers know the BEST new music is right here, online.

And, because some of those viewers are overseas, well, you know how exchange rates work . . .    :)

So we recommend checking out, & hope you’ll consider using us for your next show!

Halloween in the ‘Shed!

Jimi Yamagishi

September 28, 2014

poster for Halloween in the 'Shed October 31, 2014 at Kulak's Woodshed

‘Shed your fears and have some fun!

Some gruesome details of the event:

Over $500 in prizes for

  • Best Halloween Joke
  • Best Pumpkin Carving (bring your pre-carved creation!)
  • Best Halloween Song
  • Best Costume

Other fun stuff:


Open Mic – Worldwide Webcast


Food sharing in lieu of cover:

  • 1 casserole dish for 5 or more
  • 2 x 2-liter bottles of soft drink
  • 2 x 9oz or larger bags of chips

Scare up some friends and come on down! See you there!


Read more about  MusiCares® here . . .

IndieGoGo Campaign is Go!

Jeremy Goldsmith

July 19, 2014

Breaking News!

Kulak’s Woodshed has just started
an indiegogo campaign to allow us
to pay our outstanding debts and
move forward.

Please consider donating to this very
worthy cause by clicking on the
Help keep the Woodshed Going!
image here.

As we are now an EMERGE project through
the Pasadena Arts Council, all donations
through the campaign will be tax deductible
to the full extent of the law!

From IndieGoGo:  This campaign has been designated non-profit and can only receive contributions via credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover — sorry, PayPal is not an option).  Your payment will be processed by FirstGiving* ( ), which is the Pasadena Arts Council’s payment partner for nonprofit transactions. FirstGiving will send you a receipt directly. You can choose whether or not to make your pledge anonymous.

* FirstGiving is a leader in online, peer-to-peer fundraising.  Founded in 2002, FirstGiving has helped over 220,000 individuals and 7000 nonprofit organizations to raise more than $120 Million in donations to support causes throughout the U.S.  FirstGiving is the sister company of Justgiving in located in London, England.




Still trying to work this thing out here.

Jeremy Goldsmith

June 10, 2014

Hey guys,

This entry will be a little shorter. I just wanted to let you know that we don’t yet have the facility to let you register and comment on here. We are currently working on incorporating it into the website.

We know you have stuff you’d like to say, so give us some time and you’ll be given a chance to say it. Promise! Pinky promise? With cherries on?



First proper post. And the crowd goes mild.

Jeremy Goldsmith

June 9, 2014

Hey all,

I suppose I’d better start writing something, right? I mean, being a musician and all, I’m always supposed to have a lot to say. Should I say something about me? I have no idea. I’m probably the musician who least wants to be famous although I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m Jeremy. You may have seen me around at the Woodshed over the past couple of months or so.  I’m the bloke with the dodgy accent. I’ve recently become quite heavily involved in the Woodshed over the past few weeks. I’ve been looking for ways to stay busy and this seems to fit the bill. And it’s a good cause. I saw how hard Paul (Kulak) works to make the Woodshed successful and I offered my assistance.

One of the things I’ve agreed to do is this blog thingy. Never done a blog before. I’m fairly sure there’s a whole range of things I should and shouldn’t do, but (as in what I am told is Valley speak) what-ever. So what does that mean?

It means I get to moderate this place. I get to look at the comments and make comments on the comments. Also, you get to make comments on my comments. Just think of it as a rather large dysfunctional family. We all get to talk across each other.

Oh yeah, that’s something else, excuse my mildly twisted sense of humour. It can be a little dry at times. That’s a British thing I guess. I know full well that Americans have a sense of humour (after all, I once saw an episode of Honey Boo Boo), so, if we just assume that whatever I say I supposed to be funny, we’ll get along fine. I also fall into British English spelling occasionally. Sorry about that. If your kids read this post, just make sure they know that I don’t spell things properly. For the US anyway.

That’s it for this post. I’m going to be posting some more relevant information later today about what’s coming up at the Woodshed. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a cat playing a guitar.


That’s an interwebs thing, right?

Oh, one last thing, I’ll be at the Woodshed open mic tonight. Hope to see you there.



Hello World! And Musicians.

Jeremy Goldsmith

June 8, 2014

Welcome to the new Kulak’s Woodshed blog. This is just a test message, but I’ll probably write a song about it later. Watch this space.

In the meantime, have a good day ‘n all that.