Monday Night Open Mic

It’s a singer-songwriter Open Mic here at Kulak’s Woodshed every Monday night from 8 – 10:30pm. All ages and music styles are welcome. Please come over and sign up between 7:00 – 7:30 pm. A total of 30 performers will be randomly selected to play one song each via a lottery where we pull names from a basket on the stage. The show is webcast and recorded live.

Because children are often present here and viewing the webcast on-line, please do not use profanity in your song.

Please, no music performance/accompanying tracks (Open Mic only) to be sung to or played to, of any type on any playback device.

Please do not bring any kind of amp/s, drums, keyboard or effects pedals/units (Open Mic only). We have all the audio gear, DI’s, and hook ups you’ll need.

Every second Monday of the Month a great house band of studio players is available to accompany you on your song performance. Please bring 5 copies of professionally written music chord charts for the band to read, and arrive early before the show to rehearse your song beginning at 6:30 PM.

You are welcome to use our acoustic guitar, and grand piano in good faith. (Please play the piano gently. It is a temporary loan and costs a lot of money to have it re-tuned if you play it hard)

For a $20 donation you can request an .mp4 download of your performance captured by our multi-camera video studio to be emailed to you as a download link on Google Drive in a few days.

Twofer Tuesday

Twofer nights are on the second Tuesday of every month from 8 – 10:00pm, where you can get a video of two songs for $30.

This is a pre-registered event. There are only 12 slots available, with up to three “alternate” slots if there are last-second cancellations or in case we run ahead of schedule and can fit them in.

Pre-register for Twofer Tuesdays here with Jimi Yamagishi at or Please specify which Twofer night you are registering for.

Thank you,
Paul Kulak

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